Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1st week of homeschool....

Yesterday was our 1st official day of homeschool. We still don't have our curriculum in but I did alot of searching online and found some things for Taylor to do as a review from last year until our curriculum comes in. I was worried if she was going to be able to do it or even enjoy it. We went over handwriting in cursive. She is picking up cursive pretty well. I am very impressed. We reviewed addition and I even found a game with dominoes that I printed and she got to color the dominoes and we are going to cut those out today and play a math game adding up the sides. She is loving math!! YEAH! I hope that continues. Math is a struggle for her. We went over what a verb is and even sang the "Verb Song". I am not sure who liked the verb song more, ME or HER? LOL! I JUST LOVE IT!! We went over the basic elements of a flower and their responsibilities. We then went outside and she picked one of the flowers that she planted late Spring and got to look at those elements and teach her brother and Lauren (a family friend who is 3) how the flower is made. Wow! Just looking at the wonderful makeup of a flower and how every piece has a distinct role in keeping that flower alive, it is just so amazing! God truly has filled his earth with beautiful things. She really enjoyed her first day and today she is not feeling so well with her ear. We have an appt. tomorrow with the doctor. Here is hoping I can keep her going till her curriculum gets here. Any suggestions?

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