Monday, October 19, 2009

Wow! It has been a long time.....

It has been over a month since I have blogged. Wow! How time flies. Taylor and I are really doing well with homeschool. With the addition of the new classroom she is really being able to focus. MFW curriculum is just AWESOME!! I would recommend it to anyone. She loves all the projects and their learning style has been very beneficial to Taylor. We are still trying to regulate her siezures but she is doing so much better. She LOVES SCHOOL!! I am so excited to be able to do this with her. Our God is so good! I am enjoying being able to start every lesson with a short Bible study! She learned her first memory verse for this school year in 2 days. I was so excited for her and she had so much fun doing it!! I hope all is well with everyone! I enjoy reading all of your posts. Jennifer, you are just AWESOME!! I hope you know that! I am so excited that we have met up on here and we can keep in touch. LOVE TO ALL!! God bless!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1st week of homeschool....

Yesterday was our 1st official day of homeschool. We still don't have our curriculum in but I did alot of searching online and found some things for Taylor to do as a review from last year until our curriculum comes in. I was worried if she was going to be able to do it or even enjoy it. We went over handwriting in cursive. She is picking up cursive pretty well. I am very impressed. We reviewed addition and I even found a game with dominoes that I printed and she got to color the dominoes and we are going to cut those out today and play a math game adding up the sides. She is loving math!! YEAH! I hope that continues. Math is a struggle for her. We went over what a verb is and even sang the "Verb Song". I am not sure who liked the verb song more, ME or HER? LOL! I JUST LOVE IT!! We went over the basic elements of a flower and their responsibilities. We then went outside and she picked one of the flowers that she planted late Spring and got to look at those elements and teach her brother and Lauren (a family friend who is 3) how the flower is made. Wow! Just looking at the wonderful makeup of a flower and how every piece has a distinct role in keeping that flower alive, it is just so amazing! God truly has filled his earth with beautiful things. She really enjoyed her first day and today she is not feeling so well with her ear. We have an appt. tomorrow with the doctor. Here is hoping I can keep her going till her curriculum gets here. Any suggestions?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Think I just found my curriculum!! WOO HOO!!

My Father's World!!

I am so excited about this curriculum. I got my book today and read a little from it and everything I found just kept bringing me back to this curriculum. I feel really good about and can't wait to order it next week.
For math I am going to do
and for Spelling- spelling power
I also am thinking about get geography songs to go along with the geography lesson because Taylor can memorize anything if you can put it in a song! LOL!
Can't wait to get this curriculum in and get started.

Note to self: Now just need to get garage converted to bedroom within the next month so I can have a classroom.....

Gotta find that book!

I know that I can get the book I am looking for online but I would rather just find it this weekend in a local store, instead of waiting for mail time. LOL! I know, I am so impatient. I can't stand waiting for something to come in the mail. That is my goal for this weekend. FIND: 100 Best homeschool Curriculums by: Cathy Duffy!
Wish me Luck!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Homeschooling questions.... TONS OF THEM!

I was blessed the other day, Teusday specifically, to meet up with a couple of women from my church who have homeschooled there own children for 11 years. These women are AWESOME!!
There is so many curriculums to pick from. My first step is going to be to buy this book that they both highly recommended....100 Top picks for homeschool curriculum by: Cathy Duffy. This will give me a better idea of what curriculum to use for Taylor's learning style. I am so excited and eager to get started. I made a quick stop yesterday with my Mom on her lunch hour to 1/2 price books. They did not have my book in. I am starting to feel a little bit behind but I am not going to stress. Thank You Lord for this day!!

My newest adventure, HOME SCHOOL!

I would just like to start by saying........WHAT AM I THINKING?

As many of you know that the past year has brought many changes for my family. I wouldn't call them set backs, just new and interesting challenges to look forward to. For those of you that don't know, here is a little about myself and family.....

I have been married to my wonderful husband for 9 years now. We have 3 beautiful children, Alli (13); Taylor (9 as of this past summer) and Ramsey (4). My husband is the only bread winner of our family of 5 and I am an official way overinvolved (as my oldest would say), stay at home Mom and have been since our daughter Taylor was born. With that said, our lil Taylor has not been the easiest kid we have hatched. To make a long story short, she graced us with her prescence on July 10, 2000 and didn't stop screaming her head off till she was about 3! (and NO, that is NOT 3 months, that would be 3 years ) She was very, very colicky thru her first year of life, along with reflux, indigestion, chronic ear infections, tubes when she was 6 mths and panic attacks when in a car or in any store enviroment. She also had a really hard time showing love or recieving it. Life with her was a struggle and a challenge to say the least. But with every mile stone was plenty of rewards. The only reason I share this much history with you is because my life was anywhere but where it should have been during these trying years. My relationship with my Heavenly Father was none existant to say the least. So you can imagine the strain of a trying child and a husband who is always working and NO GOD! Not b/c he ever left me...because I LEFT HIM! What was I thinking?

I look back on those difficult years and just wonder how I ever thought I could make it each day without Him in my life? Things would have been so much easier and better if I had just trusted in Him. Glad to report that is NOT the case today.

To bring you up to date:

After about the age of 3 and 2 sets of tubes later and adenoids taken out she started becoming alot calmer and loving child. She would hug me and she even started telling me she loved me. What a beautiful day that was!! She has grown into a very vibrant and loving 9 year old little girl. I don't know what I would do without her, that is for sure!

This past year, Taylor has been diagnosed with ADD & ADHD, anxiety and migraines daily and grand mal seizures about every 15 sec.'s. With the help of prayers and answered prayers, we have come along way with the ADD & ADHD, but last year was a trial year to say the least. Her siezures still aren't regulated but definitely alot better than they were.

All of this information given to say, with the struggles of her learning and the siezures not regulated I have decided to take a leap of faith into very unknown territory for me and Homeschool her, this year! Tell me I am not crazy PLEASE!!


Taylor spent hours in tutoring last year before and after school to come home to 2 more hours at least of make up work to try and get her ready for the 3rd grade taks test. Although I am extremely greatful to her teacher and the principal and staff for what all they accomplished with Taylor last year, I feel that 8 - 10 hours of school a day is just not the way for a 9 year old to live. She adores school and all her friends but is extremely excited to be able to have the one-on-one attention that she so desperately needs.


A wonderful friend of my suggested that I blog my first year homeschooling experience. It could be very theraputic. Also, I am hoping to get responses from other first time homeschoolers and maybe we can together get through our first year.

I have to admit I have a wonderful support group behind me and with their faith in me and the wonderful women that God has blessed me with I know I can do this.


Here's hoping for the best!!